Hello Fellow Anglers!

Welcome to our Site with over fifteen years of fishing the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy the many pictures from our trips or follow us by clicking on the Facebook link below for daily fishing reports. We look forward to fishing with all levels of fishermen, from the seasoned to the novice. We encourage kids as our future of fishing depends on it so they too can enjoy fishing as I had at a young age! Click on Facebook icon below for fishing news!!!!

Thank you for visiting our site. We welcome you to visit what we do and the area we fish. Arguably, the best fishery in the Nation, The Gulf of Mexico is home to what I enjoy best and that is Great Weather, Beautiful Waters, and most of all GREAT FISHING!!!

Say What Charters concentrates on the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico from as close to shore as a few miles, to as far out as 40 miles. Such a vast range opens our fishery to such great game fish as the Tarpon, Sea Trout, Snook, Permit, and Cobia in the near shore areas with excitement of Snapper, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Shark, Large Amberjack and the mighty of the reef, The Goliath Grouper weighing up to 600 pounds. But not let us forget about the "Toothy Critters" such as the many Barracudas that can be found patrolling reefs and structures.

With so many species and such great underwater habitats, many people can understand why those who have fished the Gulf of Mexico continue to come back year after year. The action on most days is constant and rarely is there time to get bored of the slow pace of fishing. Come join us for your adventure onto the Gulf so you can experience the enjoyment first hand and understand why others continue to come. We at Say What Charters not only look forward to showing you this great fishery but look forward to gaining a friend as well as sharing a lifetime memory.

Say What Charters is owned and operated by Captain Alex Garland. Captain Alex has fished the Gulf of Mexico since 1993 and has many hours on the Gulf. With safety in mind and fun at hand, Captain Alex and his wife have spent many days searching the Gulf for new areas to fish and practicing new techniques to accomplish the goal of catching fish.

Captain Alex . Through this career he has earned the respect of the water as well as the safety and mechanical, navigational, and many functions of how to safely operate on the water. He has a great passion for fishing when he was seven or so he knew what the Lord had put him on this earth for !! At a very young age he would be found down at the Rose Marina washing charter boats or just taking in all the fishing knowledge Capt Alex is finally in the slip he has dreamed of and worked so hard for all his life! Once again none of this would be possible with out our Lord and Christ as our Savior !! God Bless

Carrying many Coast Guard related qualifications, Captain Alex is also a member of the North Atlantic Charter Boat Operators Association, a member of the Coastal Conservation Association, and the Marco Island Charter Captains Association. Active within all these organizations, he also is very active in participation of government activities and meetings pertaining to The Gulf of Mexico fisheries.

Captain Alex invites you to come to Beautiful Marco Island Florida and share with them a trip aboard the "Say What" allowing us to be your personal guides onto such beautiful, pristine water.